Born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in Morgantown, WV, I am currently living outside of Mannheim, Germany, writing, arranging, teaching, and playing music.

My experience as a church accompanist in the states taught me both to lead and to listen, to set the tone while being open and flexible at the same.

I brought these skills to the Boogie Night Band in Heidelberg, Germany and soon was asked to offer keyboard support to the Mannheim-based "Max meets Lenny Band." Learning how to play in the background has given me a deeper understanding of harmonic and rhythmic structure.

This understanding and the techniques that I've picked up over the years are the tools that enabled me to do quite a bit of writing in the last year - the results of which can be heard on "The Cold Heart's Keep" and "Up on the Mountain," both of which are still in production and should be released early in 2017.