New Microphone, Old Tune

Having worked with the recordings I've made in the last weeks and months, it was becoming clear to me that I was in need of a better piece of recording equipment (The ZOOM H1 that I bought 10 years ago wasn't cutting it, was giving me to much noise in me recordings). So I was ready to go to the music store and spend too much money on a new mic, when I decided just to have a quick look in the online classifieds. Long story short, I got the mic I was looking for - an entry level condensor from AKG, the P120 - AND (and this is pretty exciting as soon as I can find another one of the same...) a Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitor for less than I would have paid for just the microphone new.

I've really been itching to try out the mic and see how it records, couldn't get to it yesterday because I was with the band... Got home at four in the morning this morning. A few hours later I was awake again, little groggy, but still wanting to try out my new mic. And I decided to try it out on a simple but lovely little tune from Jon Randall. Also thanks to an old friend of mine, Scott, who took the tune from the North Carolina Moon to the West Virginia Moon. So here is the first sound test - everything you hear here came over that mic (no lines on the guitars). 

Anytime (I'll Wait)

This started out with me just messing around with the clavinet in my music program, Logic. Normally, when you're playing clav you're just pounding on it to get that nice funky sound out... but by chance I played some mellower chords, adjusted some settings, and ended up with this cool, warm clav sound and the idea for the song was born. I sketched out the instrumental yesterday and slept on it... wrote the text today and got it all recorded. Some relaxed jazz moments, but of course, where there's a clav there's a funk...


Whoa, the last few days, I've been doing a ton of work on the David Foster EP. This afternoon I kind of hit a wall... there was no more concentration left in that tank. So I took a break and just played something else, decided to track it out...

I enjoyed this little "sidetrack" project that happened this afternoon, and also look forward to getting back to work with some fresh ears soon :)

A peak at things to come...

The work that I've been doing in the last half year or so has been under the umbrella of a project of mine, Bender Elf Records.

I'm really happy to have another very talented songwriter / guitarist / singer on board... Mr. David Foster, all the way over in California, outside of Los Angeles.

We are working on a record of his songs... thought we would share a little sample of what you can expect from him here in the next months.

Happy Listening !

Love, be my Home

A couple days ago, I got an email about a Singer-Songwriter Contest, and I thought I would enter. But first I wanted to write a singer-songwriter song, just for guitar and voice. And this is what came out.

It's loosely based on that passage from Corinthians that you've heard if you've ever been to a wedding, but is not a description of Love, but a prayer to her, asking her to be all the things she is in her purest form. It's also a reflection on the perspective of Love I've gotten to see now that I have kids, the way that they love me :) And then a prayer for them at the same time.

So I hope you'll enjoy, and I hope that this contest also enjoys ! I'll keep you posted on what comes out of that.

Mainstreet, USA

All right, so I've been trying to learn some new things lately. Playing music has been kind of my thing for as long as I can remember. I've written songs for while now, too, and for the last few years I've been recording some stuff as well. What I've been trying to learn is how to make these recordings sound, you know, good.

Example here is a song I wrote last year that I just remixed yesterday and today. The little intro is from a guy Thomas Farris, who I found on He had this idea for a song and when I heard what he sketched of it (exactly what I use as the intro now) the rest of the song just clicked together in my head immediately.

The song is on the one level an observation of a downward-spiraling drug addict, which seems to be a bit of an issue on Mainstreet, USA currently. But at the same time, it's an account of what it's been like watching the USA itself over the last fifteen years or so, which maybe hasn't been too much different.

Get tuned in

So hi. I have a lot of things going on right now musically ; I'm doing what I love and loving what I do. Music enriches my life, which is great. But what I really would like is for it to also enrich yours. So I hope that a few of you will take the couple minutes every so often and have a quick listen to what's been stewing here. Happy listening :)

The biggest news for me right now is of course the release of my first self-produced material, an EP called "Belly of the Beast." It's an introduction really to my solo project, the Appalachian Liberation Army, a musical concept that I'm going to keep pursuing that I call Appalachian Soul, and a preview of the upcoming full-length album from the same band, "Up on the Mountain."

So yeah that's out there on itunes, amazon, spotify, etc... I hope you'll check it out ; even just a stream helps support the work I'm doing. Of course the best compliment you can give me is to buy it and tell your friends to do the same !