New Microphone, Old Tune

Having worked with the recordings I've made in the last weeks and months, it was becoming clear to me that I was in need of a better piece of recording equipment (The ZOOM H1 that I bought 10 years ago wasn't cutting it, was giving me to much noise in me recordings). So I was ready to go to the music store and spend too much money on a new mic, when I decided just to have a quick look in the online classifieds. Long story short, I got the mic I was looking for - an entry level condensor from AKG, the P120 - AND (and this is pretty exciting as soon as I can find another one of the same...) a Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitor for less than I would have paid for just the microphone new.

I've really been itching to try out the mic and see how it records, couldn't get to it yesterday because I was with the band... Got home at four in the morning this morning. A few hours later I was awake again, little groggy, but still wanting to try out my new mic. And I decided to try it out on a simple but lovely little tune from Jon Randall. Also thanks to an old friend of mine, Scott, who took the tune from the North Carolina Moon to the West Virginia Moon. So here is the first sound test - everything you hear here came over that mic (no lines on the guitars).