There's never any point in having regrets, so I guess I would say that I wish I would have come to know the music of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson earlier in my time as a keyboardist and a musician. 

I had a customer in a coffee shop where I used to work who would always come in and have a song to share with me. One time it was a disco remix of "The Bottle," which I had never heard. Which she couldn't believe and immediately wrote me a prescription for lots of rest, plenty of fluids, and as much Gil Scott-Heron as I could listen to each day. Which I took seriously - went home and began listening through his records chronologically.

I could write a page just for Gil Scott and how his courageous and critical songwriting, his inspired and prophetic texts, inspire me. But this section is about keyboard players who influence me... and Brian Jackson fits that bill. I just love the sound that he gets out of the Rhodes Piano - warm, smooth, full and rich, but not overpowering, providing context and creating space for Gil's poems and songs.

Suggested Listening - 

- Song for Bobby Smith (Winter in America)

- A Very Precious Time (Winter in America)